Grocery List for a healthy weight loss

Bread and Cereals

Whole-grain bread

Whole-grain cereal


Many packaged cereals and bread products are loaded with sugar and refined starches. They are what smart eaters call “bad carbs” To avoid them, read labels and look for products that include whole grains and no hidden sugars You’ll find many of the healthiest products on the very lowest shelves where they are a little bit harder to see.

Meat and Fish

Lean ground turkey

White meat, skinless chicken

Sliced turkey breast

Lean cuts of beef

Tuna steak

Fresh salmon

Pork tenderloin

Don’t be afraid to ask your butcher about the leanest cuts of beef and other meats He can often trim the fat off of your favorite steak to reduce the fat and calorie count. And be sure to grab at least one or two servings of fish. The healthy fat in fish is a smart addition to a weight loss diet. And experiment with leaner varieties of white fish like cod or tilapia.

Bake the filets and use them in tacos or simply served with fresh steamed veggies.

Canned and Packaged Foods

Brown rice

Whole-grain pasta

Quinoa, barley, or other whole grains

Dried or canned beans

Dried lentils

The packaged food aisle is where smart shoppers need to get diligent. Many canned and boxed products look healthy but contain added sugars, salt, and fat.

So ignore the label on the front and read the nutrition facts label to make the best choices. Fill your cart with beans, lentils, and grains like quinoa, barley or even couscous. These foods add a healthy dose of protein to salads and side dishes. Replace white rice and white pasta with whole grain versions to increase your fibre intake and curb hunger

Fruits and Vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, chard)

Colourful, spicy veggies (peppers, radishes)

Versatile veggies for salads, sandwiches (tomato, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce)

Crunchy snack veggies (carrots, celery, jicama)

Easy-to-carry snack fruit  (apples, bananas, oranges)

Fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)

Seasonal sweet fruit (melon, pineapple, kiwi)

Smart dieters spend most of their time in the produce section of the market. You can talk to the produce manager to find out which items are in season and get creative ideas for using them in your meals. If fresh produce is too expensive, buy frozen fruits and vegetables.

Look for the bags that don’t contain any added syrups, salt or sugar.


Fat-free or low-fat milk

Fat-free or low-fat Greek yogurt

Low-fat cheese

Low-fat cottage cheese

Eggs or egg substitute

Dairy products are not off limits for most dieters. But just like canned goods, some products may contain added sugar, so check the ingredients list before you choose.

What Not to Buy

You’ll notice that there aren’t any sauces, dressings or condiments on this basic grocery shopping list. Why? Because one of the easiest ways to cut calories in the kitchen is to eliminate high-calorie sauces and spreads. Simply flavour your meals with basic seasonings like salt and pepper or fresh herbs.

There are also no processed snack foods, baked goods or high-fat desserts. Snack on crunchy fresh veggies during the day and enjoy sweet fruit for dessert. With this basic healthy grocery list, your kitchen will be fully stocked with the best foods to help you slim down and live a healthier life.